Ted Howell, a blacksmith born and raised in B.C.'s northern interior, is a self taught artsmith making custom wrought iron and rod iron art. His keen interest in metallurgy and artistic design makes for wrought iron products that are both well made and beautiful. Every handle, hinge, entrance latch, and piece of hardware is a work of art.

Since his early twenties, Ted has explored every avenue of information available to him. Books, magazines, machinists, and master craftsman have all added to his knowledge of metal and what can be created with it. He loves nothing more than a challenge and creating one of a kind items.

His work ranges from finely crafted and tempered tools and knives to custom made handrails and finely designed wrought iron lights and wrought iron chandeliers. Check out our wrought iron tables, wrought iron chairs, wrought iron beds, rod iron racks, rod iron gates and more.

Please note that prices are not now, and never will be, given on this website. Each wrought iron item is custom designed with specific requirements, which makes it impossible to form a price list or catalog.

For more information, or if you have some questions that aren't answered on this site, we can be reached by email at info@redwillowforge.com